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All canned and nonperishable food items are distributed through the food pantry at no cost to the beneficiary. Anyone wishing to receive food assistance must first participate in an interview with a Family & Emergency Services caseworker.

Food Items in great need include:

    • Canned meats & tuna fish
    • Pancake mix & syrup
    • Canned pork & beans
    • Canned soup
    • Bottled water & beverages
    • Macaroni & cheese
    • Nonfat dry milk in envelopes
    • Peanut butter & jelly
    • Rice & pasta
    • Canned pasta meals (spaghetti-os)

New and reusable clothing in good condition is distributed through the Christian Service Center’s thrift store. In order to receive clothing vouchers for free clothing, clients must participate in an interview with a Family & Emergency Services caseworker. Affordable new and designer clothing is also available to the entire community for purchase at the thrift store and Unique Boutique.

Clothing items in great need include:

    • Men’s jeans
    • Men’s black pants
    • Men’s shorts
    • Men’s belts
    • Men’s new socks & underwear
    • Men’s shoes (dress, casual, athletic and work shoes & construction boots)
    • Men’s work clothes
    • Women’s new underwear
    • Women’s tennis shoes
    • Women’s plus sizes
    • Children’s new underwear (all sizes)

Selected household goods in working and good condition are also accepted for distribution at the Christian Service Center’s thrift store.  Please use thorough discretion regarding something’s reusability before donating it. A good rule of thumb is that if you can still use it, someone else probably can too. If not, the same holds true. 

Household items in great need include:
    • Every day kitchen wear (cups, plates, silverware, pots & pans)
    • Children’s eating utensils & sippy cups
    • Backpacks
    • Rolling suitcases
    • Reading glasses
    • Sun glasses
    • Umbrellas
    • Finger nail clippers

Items the Christian Service Center cannot accept include:

    • Old computers, peripherals, typewriters and office machinery
    • Furniture of any kind
    • Old televisions, VCRs, or stereos
    • Major appliances such as washers, dryers, ovens or refrigerators
    • Food that has passed its expiration date