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“Pray for the lives of your children who are hungry at every street corner.”  –Prophet Jeremiah, Lamentations 2:19


The Love Pantry program started in 2011 to provide struggling families and hungry children with an emergency food supply directly through public schools. Focusing on removing hunger as a barrier to learning of school-aged children, the goal is two-fold: to meet the immediate need of food for the students and their families, and to move the families toward longer-term solutions.

Click the button to learn more, including what schools are currently participating in the program and how you can get involved as a school, a sponsor or volunteer driver.

The Love Pantry began in the Fall of 2011 with just 13 school locations. The Love Pantry is currently active in 42 public schools, having distributed 858,516 food and 37,181 hygiene items to 171,115 household members of which 108,116 were children!


Despite school closures in 2020 due to COVID-19, the Love Pantry distributed 36,042 food items to impact the lives of 12,083 household members of which 7,208 were children.

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