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Get to Know Maria Ayala from Family & Emergency Services

As Rapid Rehousing Manager for our new outreach program,

Maria Ayala works with unsheltered clients to connect them with

any services they may need and get them into housing while

working on a plan for long-term sustainability. Maria has filled

many shoes as a case manager at the Christian Service Center

and has been servicing the clients of CSC for almost 20 years.

Maria’s favorite part of her day-to-day work is that it is gratifying

to know that God would give her the blessing to help and see how

grateful individuals and families are after helping and giving

them that push that they needed to get them where they want to

be. She loves to help those who don’t have a voice to better tell

their story. Maria expresses her gratitude for being in a work

environment where the atmosphere is warm and welcoming; she

does not feel pressured by her work but feels respected and

competent amongst her colleagues.

In her free time, Maria enjoys spending time with her family and

can be found in her garden tending to the flowers, herbs, and

pineapples that she is currently growing.

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