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  • Eric Camarillo

Partner Spotlight: SALT Outreach

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

SALT Outreach Inc. runs a mobile drop-in center for people experiencing homelessness. Most of SALT's services can be done through the use of vehicles and mobile trailers. We provide 12 different services to the unsheltered which includes case management and mental health counseling.

Currently, SALT is seeing on average about 200 people per day on the Christian Service Center’ Parramore campus five days per week (Sunday-Thursday).

SALT also has two Outreach Pastors on staff that conduct church services once a month on campus, four Bible studies per week, one-on-one spiritual counseling and prayer, help provide the basic services like showers and laundry to create relationships and build trust, and they also act as chaplains for our Outreach Staff. SALT Outreach's unsheltered ministry started in 2011 with just two young adults feeding 15 people, and in learning the additional needs of our unsheltered friends over the years, God has provided the means for us to continue to deepen and widen our impact.

Learn more and how you can get involved at

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