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  • Clay Williams

Partner Spotlight: Medical Legal Partnership

Did you know that our guests at the Christian Service Center have access to an onsite attorney? Thanks to support from AdventHealth, for the past 3 years we have been able to partner with Community Legal Services to staff an attorney and a paralegal who help guests with a range of civil legal needs.


The purpose of a Medical Legal Partnership is to integrate legal services into service provider settings, like the Christian Service Center, so that providers and case workers can refer clients to no-cost on-site legal assistance. When needs are identified, our attorney works with us and our guests to address concerns related to housing, income, food, utilities assistance, and other legal matters. Working quickly, and in collaboration with one another, not only ensures that clients receive timely and relevant support but also eliminates many of the barriers traditionally associated with accessing legal help.


Thank you, Community Legal Services and AdventHealth for your partnership!

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