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  • Jackie Pascale

Volunteer Spotlight: Hoar Construction

Hoar co-workers serving at Downtown Daily Bread.

Like many, I entered the workforce with the primary objective to make a living. I now realize there is more to a meaningful career than just a paycheck and understand the value of joining a company who shares your core values.

Throughout this journey, I have held many jobs. I was a server for a decade. I was a flight attendant. I worked in retail, recruiting, and real estate. I eventually fell into the construction industry and am the Sr. Marketing Manager at Hoar Construction. To say I love my company is an understatement. I feel so blessed to be at Hoar and a significant reason for that is their dedication and desire to better our local communities. My company supports and encourages their employees to get involved and to help where they feel called.

For me, I am passionate about taking care of those in poverty and was drawn to the Christian Service Center based on their mission to care for people in need. I share similar experiences with some of the guests who use the resources available at the CSC and feel called to be a part of their mission. On several occasions, Hoar employees have served at the center’s lunch program: Daily Bread. Each opportunity to serve alongside my peers and help those in our community is a privilege.

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