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  • Deacon Scott Lindeman

From the Pulpit - St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church

St. Margaret Mary Church has been a partner with the Christian Service Center (CSC) of Winter Park for many years. We have been so pleased at the broad range of services the CSC provides to our local community and the dignity and sensitivity they have displayed to so many of our less fortunate neighbors. Our food pantry donations are directed there twice a month, and I have been able to witness first-hand the gratitude of the clients this office serves. A number of our parishioners have volunteered to drop off food for meals, diapers, clothing and to help with financial assistance, because they are able to see clearly the impact that Christian Service Center makes.

"Gwenell Hall, in particular, has been a strong partner and a tireless advocate for the people she serves"

Gwenell Hall (CSC Winter Park Case Manager), in particular, has been a strong partner and a tireless advocate for the people she serves. She does her best to help with people’s immediate needs but always in the interest of helping people become more self-sufficient in the long term. We have had many conversations about introducing new programs, as she is always looking at ways to improve the lives of others.

St. Margaret Mary has run a diaper distribution program from our parish, based on referrals provided by the CSC. The program provides diapers twice a month to 40+ families. While we still fund the program, the actual distribution was moved to CSC’s Winter Park office because they have such a strong and productive relationship with their clients. The CSC’s more holistic approach far exceeds just the act of providing a handout to someone – they take the opportunity to walk with the people they serve.

We are proud partners and value our relationship with this organization.

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Viktoria Morris
Viktoria Morris
May 12, 2022

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